Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Re-Drawing the pose

This rough was intended to be a slightly altered rotation of the previous pose, aiming for a clearer silhouette
Several things bothered my eye, The head was ok, but the body wasn't. I made notes and re-drew, but I came to realize it wasn't the little things as much as the expression of the pose. This the body is hunched over, like a pleading pose, While the previous as more like repressed anger exploding. I thought the body was a bit too evenly round, which flattened the drawing.

Well, back to the drawing board. I drew a thumbnail, it read well and had more of the original pose in it.
And I redrew in larger size.

Well, this one is a bit better. I liked the original expression and wanted to stay close to it, while trying to make the details less even, Though the finished body became more animated than the finished head.

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Mitch said...

Nice progress, thanks for sharing!