Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ballet Tweety

Clampett's Tweety.
This wonderful model sheet was posted by Kevin Langley

My first attempt

Surprisingly it was pretty close, I didn't need to change anything major that would call for re-drawing, only a few corrections. such as the the size of the feet, eyes, arms and angle of the hair.

Now I wanted a graceful Ballet pose, the first one I just drew straight out of my head, it lacked clarity.

I turned to photo reference and drew the rough below

I thought it had the clarity and grace I wanted, so I built up the construction upon it.

On the left side are some of my observations on Tweety's head.
Other than that his farthest hair is the longest, but I find that many animators take liberties with that when it helps to accentuate motion and prevent stiffness.

I used to do 5 roughs minimum before I reached the pose I wanted, I only did one this time. The lessons are sinkin' in!


Looney Moon Cartoons said...

Your lines on the finished drawings are very smooth and beautiful.

amir avni said...