Monday, October 8, 2007

More to see

I promised John I'll study and analyze more angles of this cat and see how he looks in different positions, since we do copies to later apply to our own work, I though I'd also take a shot at an original drawing of him, not copied from the cartoon.

First I wanted to figure out how the snout works, and how the neck connects to the head, so I drew the construction for the head without the snout. The head is a a pill shape, but it's not completely even, it's round on the top, and a bit flatter from the ear down. the neck connects to the back of the head, sliding down the back, and curving from the front. The eyes fill half the face.

The snout forms out the bridge of the nose, some of it wraps around the pill shape construction, and some sticks out more. The nose isn't the farther point of the snout, the Philtrum is (area above lip). The snout also curves under the bag of the eye. The brow ridge curves up the forehead.

Now it was time to create a new drawing, I thought it didn't look good at first try. A narrow humanoid mouth on an animal snout, and the proportions weren't there. I recalled John told me I'm confusing the lip with the chin. I watched the Chuck Jones cartoon "Hold the Lion Please" and realized the difference: The lip wraps around the chin, while the chin is solid, it doesn't wrap or bend.
I looked at the notes I made while studying this cat, The original drawing and the Jones cartoon, and tried to come up with a worried expression on him. Focusing on his structure first, I think the brows need work.


clockwerkz said...

Hey Amir, nice work! Saw your stuff on John K's blog. Question: what kind of pencils are you using? Just curious..

amir avni said...

My favorites are Prismacolor Col-Erase blue/red for the construction, and Prismacolor Ebony Jet Black for the cleanup.

For the most part any soft light color pencil and soft dark lead pencil are good.