Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Trying a new approach

This time, Before attempting to draw any part of the character, I measured the overall height and width, and divided that space into 4, in Photoshop, and on my page.
The reason is, the manner in which this pose is organized fascinated me, Bugs feels so aggravated and somewhat cramped in his upper part, but still reads so clearly and gracefully overall, I wanted to analyze the layout of the points on interest before being distracted by drawing the character's details.
Judging by the divisions, I measured the points of interest carefully, and drew them while comparing them with the original.

Notice the smart division: The main parts of Bugs' expression: Head and arms/hands, are concentrated in the top left part of the composition (This is a lot for this space, thus a slightly cramped feeling, which works perfectly for the pose, and still reads clearly)
The other major part of his expression: his legs, are concentrated on the bottom right part.
The top right part: Bug's torso/turtle suit (modern design),is a simple shape, it reads clearly, it's purpose is to connect the line of action from head to foot, notice that the direction of Bugs' legs resists the line of action, this contributes to the frustrated expression.
The lower left corner is left blank! this makes perfect sense for the path of action, which is located on the other 3 parts, there is no distraction from it!

Then I proceeded to the first level of forms, checking if I had all the parts in the right place.

As I was moving to the second level of forms I noticed more details:
Bugs' fingers on his screen left hand are all making the same gesture, it's the different angles that gives them pleasing asymmetry, the screen right hand has asymmetry also in the finger's gesture.
The lip wraps around the chin, both the chin and the tongue can be broken down to one ellipse shape, and the lip helps to separate it, Bugs' cap functions as the top of his brow.

Then I proceeded to correct my mistakes

And to add line weight

This division method turned out very well, because it helped me get close to the original composition early, so I only needed to draw this pose once, usually when I start with a gesture, I end up making too many corrections.