Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hecklin' Hare

After seeing John's tutorial I immediately started my own copy. I dedicated 3 hours to this drawing.

This was one of my first attempts. I analyzed the picture more before I went any further
I found it a bit hard to explain it just by words, so I drew out parts of bugs as I was pointing out their details. As I kept going, the image built itself, I had no intention of using this one as my copy, It was drawn to note the following things:
Head: from the mid line devision, screen left part of the face (with stretched eye) fills 20% of the head, screen right fills 80%. The squashed eye fills 50% of screen right, about 30% on the right is left for head space, and reaction for the cheek squash, the other 20% is between the squashed eye and the mid line.
The socket for the right ear is following the same plane of the right eye, and squashing down a bit, as a reaction to the brow. The left ear does the opposite as a reaction the the raised brow, it's higher and closer the the mid line. The angle for the ear is straight, the curve of it defines the form. Bugs' shortest hair touches the middle of the left ear.
Bug's lower lip aligns with the bottom of his snout on screen left, and curves up until the cheek is formed on screen right.
The neck connects at the bottom of the head, it is thickest at the connection point, and narrowest above the connection with the torso, it widens again when it connects. The top of Bugs' neck is squashed due to the tilt of his head.
Bug's belly is curved, and his back is a bit more straight and flat compared to it, His arm overlaps his spine, the shoulder is the widest part of the arm.

After I understood these points I re-drew bugs and kept comparing it with the original, to get as close as I could.


Agustin Croxatto said...

wow your bugs looks really good!! I also tried to make it but I didn't get quite a good result..

patchwork said...

came out great

Anonymous said...

That copy looks very accurate. I like how you draw your lines. Are you going to draw Willoughby next?

christopher said...

Thanks for posting these Amir! Your dedication is inspiring and you can definitely see the hard work paying off in those Tweety drawings! I just posted some attempts put I think they would benefit from comparison to the actual still. Can you reccommend any good frame grab software?

amir avni said...

Thanks for the feedback guys!

Christopher- If you use a Mac, I recommend Snap N Drag

Ryan G. said...

Nice Amir! Your Bugs kicks ass!

flashcartoons said...

just great! hope john makes more vid's so we can keep at it

PCUnfunny said...

Amir, your stuff kicks oh so much ass ! I would like it if one day you could explain your process of drawing.

Nick said...

I grabbed a load of frames from this episode.
check them out at