Saturday, October 20, 2007

Another go

The body posture and head tilt work a bit better in this one, the features also sit better on the head.


bardhol said...

damn, son.
your practice and discipline really show, keep it up! the slab walk is looking good, too. and i would kill for line quality like on these drawings - would you mind if i ask for some pointers, as well as what kind of supplies you use, to get lines like that?

amir avni said...

Thank you Bardhol, nice stuff on your site.
Try and push for well rounded volume on your characters, And for more clarity in their poses.

The finishing lines were done with Sanford Ebony pencils, the under-drawing with Col-Erase.

For line quality, and solid drawing the best tip would be to draw slowly, carefully and deliberately.

bardhol said...

oh great, thanks! my typical style is fast and sloppy, which probably leads to the lack of volume and clarity - so i look forward to putting this advice into practice.