Monday, June 9, 2008

My 2nd Illustrator ink: Jimmy

From a wonderful rough by Jim Smith


Farrukh Khan said...

hey man
farrukh here
liking everything
keep it up amir

amir avni said...

Hi Farrukh,
Good to hear from you!
What are you up to now?

Hammerson said...

Wonderful stuff, both in this and the previous posts. The inking looks extraordinary! I never worked in Illustrator before, and I'd love to try it. Have you found it easier or more convenient for digital inking than Flash or Photoshop?
Also, how you managed to get such precise inking with Photoshop in the previous two examples? What were the settings for the brush?

amir avni said...

Gee thanks, Dragan!

Illustrator is by far the best thing I've ever used for inking, it enables you to make much more consistent lines.
Brian Romero has a good post about setting up Illustrator brushes.

I don't remember having any special settings for the brush in Phtoshop, but here's a screenshot of the brush menu, maybe that'll help. It's the default brushes with "Airbrush capabilities" selected.
Your Wacom tilt sensativity should be set to High and the tip feel should be set to Firm.

Hammerson said...

Thanks for the help! I will soon try Illustrator, and the Photoshop settings you suggested. Keep up with great work (the new post looks terrific).