Saturday, May 24, 2008

Copies I didn't check

These drawings were done at a very late hour of the night at John K's house after many beers,
They were drawn on my sketchbook from looking at the comics books, I didn't have any tools for comparing them like photoshop or tracing paper, Just my eyes.
I'm sure they're not spot on, like the ones I do check carefully, but they seem more alive to me.

The many angles of George's head were done from JoJo's George Liquor doll, we practiced drawing him before meeting John for pizza

These are drawings John did for us before we stuffed our faces with yummy melted cheese and Canadian bacon.
On the top drawing, John was talking about hierarchy of forms: the basic shapes (1st level of forms) are bigger than the details (3rd level of forms) John explained that making details too pronounced can interfere with a clear silhouette.

John also encouraged us to look at poses by good artists like Harvey Kurtzman and Walt Kelly, and apply their clear poses.


benj said...

nice studies Amir!!!

amir avni said...

Thanks, Benj!

The stuff you've been posting is really great.

PCUnfunny said...

You got wasted with the JK ? Neato ! BTW, go to your myspace and approve my friend request.